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Trust (Temptation 3) by Ella Frank : the perfect conclusion to a perfect series (billet en anglais)


After reading several erotic books last year, I made 2 reviews on the subject.
« the 10 essentials to write a mommy porn » and « these 10 details in erotic books who seem to bother only me ».
As this review will already be very long, I’m gonna do a summary of those two Top Ten and list in this article what we frequently find in erotic romances.


1) Our hero is young and rich.
And when I say rich, I mean, really really rich. Like he owns buildings, has a driver, lot of cars (that he almost never drive because well, like I said, he has a driver)(and also because it’s quiet dangerous to fuck and drive), and he even owns the company where the heroine works or the building where she lives (no, ladies, we are not here to discuss how practical and what a beautiful coincidence it is).
But, what’s absolutely brilliant is that our hero is always less than 30. (by the way, I don’t want to be picky, but I would love to understand how our hero, at the head of a huge multinational (as well as being at the head of a huge cock)(oops, sorry I just digressed), so, what was I saying? Ah yeah, so, can you explain me how our hero can spend all his time (and I mean ALL HIS TIME) fucking and still continues to have his multinational be so productive)?

Because, let’s be honest here, if there is a way to be that rich while having orgasms all day long, I want to know how. Thanks for the tips then…

2) Our hero is dominant and bossy.
Our hero won’t only be dead gorgeous, have a velvet voice which causes orgasms, a masculine and spicy scent (which also causes orgasms) and be built like a god (which our hero is)(and for good reason: fucking 10 times a day should maintain in a good shape), he will also be a dominant.
Either really, really dominant, like in “I ask you to sign a contract so I can decide what you eat, what you say and to whom, what you wear and if you are allowed to cross the street alone”… or rather in a more shader (but not greyer)(yeah, I know I’m hilarious) way: mostly in a sexual way.
Anyway, the hero loves to control. 

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE alpha males in my books. But what I don’t like is when, by the end of the book / series, the hero has completely changed.

Here, our heroes are bossy and dominant (“Are you single ?” “It’s not your business” “Yes it is, because I want to fuck you”) at the beginning but then, when they fall in love, they change completely and become worst than (sorry: French expression ahead :) worst than some mop (beautiful mops admittedly but mops nonetheless)(ones that we would loved to be washed and cleaned by)(with their tongues). (OK sorry, digressing again. I just looked in a dictionary: “to be a mop” means wipe in English).
So, where was I? Ah, yeah. So, by the end of the book, our dominant and bossy heroes change for the girl, they become serious, monogamous, stop spending their life at work (because well, let’s face it, fucking is more important), are cute (unctuous even!), willing to put their pride aside for the girl, absolutely not dominant anymore (well, except for the bossy “come for me”)(we’ll come back to that later, don’t worry), not independent anymore (more completely dependent)… and well, the hero will finally become an ordinary man (but a rich and very well-hung one!)(nothing I would complain about…)

So yes, they still like to give orders but let’s face it, they are not alpha males anymore (like Barrons, Curran…)(hello my loves!)
I know that deep down (no pun intended), the female readers all secretly dream of a withdrawn man open (themselves) for them (like the thighs of the heroine for the hero)(yep, “classy” is my middle name) and that they completely change only for her, but hey, I still think the complete change of personality is a shame.


3) The past.
Your hero will often have a torturous or/and traumatized past. A dead sister, a drug addict’s mother, he was raped or beaten when only a child or even worst: he was private of Nutella or coca during his youth (or like me: private of Popples plush)… The more traumatized, the more “crazy” he becomes (having no problem to kill for the heroine, for example) the better it is! (Personally, I think I could be excited by a hero who didn’t live more horror than princess Sara during his youth but hey, what can I say, I’m a rebellious)


4) The heroine’s particularities and the typical sentences 
The heroine could be the average girl, a woman like you and me, or she could also be traumatized. 
In both cases, one thing is sure: she MUST be tight, wet and always ready to receive the hero so he can tell her 15 times (by fuck) the following sentences:

a. You are so fucking wet for me.
b. You are soooooo fucking tight: perfect for me.
c- Come for me (now.)
(well, can’t I come for ME, before? You know, for my own pleasure?)(I always thought that if I was able to order myself to come, I would do it for me first)(like I said: such a rebellious J)


5) Communication and make up sex
Often, your hero and heroine will argue with each other. Because of an ex, or because they don’t communicate and keep things to themselves… Anyway, the reason doesn’t matter! What is important is the make-up sex. 
At the end, no need to communicate or explain themselves, if they fuck and if the heroine has 32 orgasms in a row, it’s not important if the problem isn’t solved. 
(Because, why talking when we can have orgasms, hu?)
I have to admit that having 5 orgasms every time we make love (I mean, fuck, sorry!) should be really cool. 
Especially when, meanwhile, our hero keeps his stamina. No need to be afraid: the hero will never, never come before the heroine does, even after a perfect oral sex from her just before. (and well, even if he comes, he’s not a hero for nothing: he will be directly up for 4 more rounds without having his little friend tired).
Conclusion: the hero has the stamina of a sextoy but with a tongue and fingers on top… :) (how do we do to become an heroine?) 


So now that you know all the most clichés things we often find in erotic books, I will tell you why the Temptation Series by Ella Frank, which is also an erotic series, is so perfect and so different from the points I just listed…

1) Heroes rich and under 30? Nope!
Tate is a 29 year-old bartender who has some savings but who is not a multimillionaire.
Logan is a 34 year-old (yes, 34, not 26!!!) lawyer who has some money, a beautiful car (that he uses!) and a beautiful cabin, but who is not a multimillionaire neither. And more important: he works to earn his money.
Don’t get me wrong: they fuck and make love. A lot. But they do it before and after work. We actually see them working and this is so realistic!

2) They change from dominant to mop? Nope!
They actually don’t change their personality.
Because, well, bossy doesn’t define them.  
They are bossy when they need it to be (and we love when they are), but they are also sarcastic, fun, honest, soft, tender, stubborn…
Their personality don’t change through the books: they are still the exact same persons at the end of the series that they were at the beginning.
Only their feelings and way of thinking evolve!

3) Traumatized past? Nope!
They didn’t have a traumatized youth.
Sure, they had their issues during their youth and teenage times. And they even have some issues during the series. But there are such realistic ones they are going (and they went) through that we never roll our eyes (and believe me, I often roll my eyes)(like Ana in FSOG)(Yeah, I know, I deserve to be spanked by Christian).
Here, everything is right and it is so so so refreshing to not have unnecessary dramas.
(Speaking of youth: I would have loved to meet the nerdy-teen-Logan and the cool-musician-teen-Tate!!!)

4) Clichés? Nope!
Well… okay, they are tight, but hey, it is normal! :D
And we only have one or two “come for me” (in the 3 books!) and it’s when the first one already came and want the other one to, so it seems very natural.
And you know what? This is also perfect. They come whenever they feel like to.
They know the other will follow just after so, when they need to, they just come.
Sure, they focus on the other’s pleasure, but it’s not an obligation that the one on top finishes after the other one…

5) Only sex and no communication? Nope!
They communicate!
Let me repeat this: our heroes COMMUNICATE! And it is so so so so refreshing and perfect. You have no idea how cool it is to have two characters who don’t take bullshits from the other.
They act exactly like all the heroes of all the romances should: they give time to the other to come and speak to them but after some time, they just confront the other and they don’t take silence for an answer.

And now that we just established how this series is different from the other ones, let me tell you more specifically why you should TRY it and read it.

I just re-read the first two books and read the last one in a row, and it was like reading one big and perfect book. A perfect book full of emotions.

During these 3 books,
I fell in love with Logan and Tate all over again, from the very first to the very last page.
I fell in love with their honesty, their (dubious) humor, their bossy side, their possessive and tender ones and their dirty talks.
I fell in love with the way they talk, understand and need each other…
I fell in love with the fact that they protect themselves with condoms.

I loved how Logan was a nerd, how he is so confident while also having some insecurities, how he can’t stop talking.
I loved his sarcasm, his humor, his sharp mind, his brother and extended family…

I loved Tate, his doubt, his trust, his love, his jealous side.
I loved how he becomes bossy when drunk, how stubborn he is, how he stands for what and who he believes in.

I loved following the evolution of their relation, the hunt, the no, the denial, the experience, the yes, the acceptance, the feelings, the love, the trust, the give, the take…

I loved the writing, the humor, the absence of clichés, the dialogues, the love declarations, the reactions of the heroes, the tender moments, the SMS, the phone calls, the sarcasms and the hot hot hot hot and kinky sex.

I loved everything and everyone : Ella Frank just wrote perfect books that feel right.
Nothing wrong, nothing “too much”, just perfect, original and intense books during which…

I laughed, I swooned and I whined…
3 books which also made me sad, happy, hysterical, hot and wet (when I tell you I could be a heroine!)
3 books I fell in love with and that leave me with a huge book hangover now that I finished them.


And as this review was originally one for TRUST, I will simply say that this third book is like the first two. No. Scratch that. This final is even better than the first two books.
It is even more fun, touching, hot (God, the scene at 70%), touching, right, and heart breaking (heart breaking, as in “I cried”) than Try and Take.
The sex part was never too present in the first two books but still very present. In Trust, I would say that it’s even more well-balanced: we follow them through their everyday life but the story is not an excuse to have sex scenes (which are present only when necessary and so perfectly written).
To summarize: as one of my friend told me : this third book is the apotheosis of the series.  
Tate and Logan were simply perfect in Trust, in all their actions and reactions.
If you liked the first two books you will love this one. No doubt.


Thank you, Ella, for this series, and thank you also for answering my questions:

Hi there, it’s my pleasure, and thank you for having me today!

1- The Temptation series is your first MM series.
Will it be the last or can we expect to have new ones?
This will certainly not be my last MM Series. It is a genre I am deeply passionate about and will continue to write in.


2- How did you enjoy writing it compared to the MF ones? More, less, same?
I always enjoy which book I am writing in, whether it is MF or MM. What was enjoyable about the Temptation Series were the character’s themselves. I love writing Logan & Tate.


3- I just finished TRUST and I’m having a huge book hangover! Please tell me there will be another Tate & Logan’s book? Novella? Anything? 
All I will say, is that this series for me was a tiny chapter of their lives. It literally is the beginning of their relationship—a few months and that’s all you get. You don’t get every answer to every question that’s hanging out there because those answers haven’t been decided yet. The book ends as they are moving toward a future together. I don’t know if I will go back and write more of that but…never say never.


4- Imagine you are Logan’s PA and you enter his office and find him occupied with Tate…
What would you say :
– Nothing : you would rush out before they can notice you
– “Don’t bother me : I’m just watching”
– “Can I join?”

Ha! If I was Logan’s PA and I saw Tate go into his office, I would no better than to disturb him until he was done. However, if I was caught unawares and in that predicament, I would definitely say – “Don’t worry about me—I’m just watching.” Oh come o.! As if you wouldn’t too! (Oh I definitly would do the same !)


5-Is one of your beta reader’s gay? Any feedback from gay man?
No they are not. I did ask a few questions to some friends who are gay, for certain sexual moments and act (such as Tate’s first time) and what would be easier and more appropriate, to make sure I had a good grasp on what I was writing. I wanted it to be as realistic as I could make it since the intimate moments are such an integral part of this series.


6- Do you like to read erotic books?
Yes, they are some of my favorite reads. I was just saying I need to get back to carving out more reading time for myself.


And MM ones?
Oh yes. All the time. That’s why I wanted to write one. I have read the genre for nearly 3-4 years, and fell in love with it.


7. If yes, which MM book or series would you recommend to the fan of your series?
Hmm, that’s a tough question. I don’t really like to compare authors but I can certainly give you some of my favorites. I love: LA Witt —Where there’s Smoke, With the Band, Marie Sexton—Promises Series, SJ Frost—Conquest Series.


8. Between Logan, Tate and Cole, which one do you think you would have fallen for?
And with whom would you have wanted a one night stand?
I love Tate and would definitely have a on- night stand with Logan. 


9. What are your favorite 3 books of all the time?
Black Dagger Brotherhood – JR Ward
The Original Sinners – Tiffany Reisz
Thorn Birds – Colleen McCullough 


10. Logan excels in making a play on words.
What are his favorite words with “dic” in it?
I’m not sure about that word specifically, but he does like playing with his words for sure. Usually if he can add a pun he will always just slip it in :) like that right there he would be all over


11. Can you continue this dialogue:

– Tate: I’m sorry to tell you, you’re wrong.
– Logan: Am I now, William?
– Tate: Yes, counselor.
– Logan: Then why don’t come over here and prove me right. (Logan is always quick to have Tate close to him. He will do anything to invite his touch.)


12. Do you like nuts, like Tate? :-) Or lobster, like Logan?
I love both!


13. If you were invited to a game night and had to draw a Shetland pony, what would be the result? . 
I HAVE had to draw a Shetland pony, that’s where I got it from and it basically ended up looking like a really bad stick figure of a horse…and a smaller bad stick figure of a horse.


14. What are your top 3 favorite book-boyfriends?
Vishous & Butch but I sort of classify them as one – JR Ward (BDB Series)
Rourke – JD Robb (In Death Series)
I can’t think of a third….right now.


15. Do you have a “thing” you always do while you write a book? Like listen to music or immerge in a complete silence, or work during the night?
I am a morning person for sure. I like to get up around 5am and work on writing until around noon. I listen to playlists for stories during the time I am writing but not WHILE I’m writing. Lyrics easily distract me and I start concentrating on them instead of my words.


16. Speaking of ritual, how do you write your sex scenes? Do you imagine them all? Do you relate things people tell you? Do you watch porn (like Tate :-))? All of the above?
All of the above? Ha ha. I tend to look for places around me…that sounds weird I know, but it’s the truth. I use to own a ladder to a loft, and yep, that ended up in a book. I also got my kitchen redecorated and my new, marble counter got added in. So, I just try and think of everyday things and places and then ‘spice’ them up ;)


17. Logan was a book nerd, can you tell us what his favorite book is?
He’s not a fiction nerd. He is definitely more a non-fiction. He loves learning new things, so any kind of article he can get his hands on.


18. If Logan and Tate were reading this interview with you, what would they say?
That Ella knows best. Oh, and that she’s fucking awesome :) Logan’s words, not mine.


19. Are you planning on writing a spin-off about Daniel and/or Robbie ?
Ahhh…hmm now that I’m not going to say!


20. Are you planning to come to Europe (or France) to meet us?
I would love to! But I don’t have any plans as of yet :( You will be the first to know!


22. A question you would have like me to ask you? And the answer, of course.
This was a hard one, but…I would like to know how you first found out about Try. The French have really grabbed a hold of my guys…can you answer for me???

(Well, I discovered Tate & Logan thanks to english blogs (Nathasha is a book junkie maybe ?) and reviews on Goodreads. I read it, I loved it and then, I forced some of my friends to read it…)  


 Thank you again Ella for answering my questions and for letting me be a part of your blog tour ! 
Can’t wait for you next MM ! :D





About Ella Frank :

Ella Frank is a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her Exquisite and Temptation Series.
The minute she began her love affair with reading, she became and avid supporter of the romance genre and has never looked back.
Ella is Australian born and bred but currently resides in Hillsboro, Portland with her husband.
Check her website, facebook, Twitter, Goodreads 


3 commentaires sur “Trust (Temptation 3) by Ella Frank : the perfect conclusion to a perfect series (billet en anglais)

  1. Laina G le 13 mai 2015 à 17h38 a écrit :

    Awesome interview! Thanks!! I LOVE Tate & Logan!!!

  2. Ouaah, love your article! I should probably take it in french, my english isn’t good as yours ahah.
    Je ne supporte pas les romans qui contiennent toutes les caractéristiques que tu énonces, ça me fait lever les yeux au ciel. Mais la saga que tu nous présentes semble éviter les clichés alors c’est possible que j’essaye ;)

    • Cess le 15 mai 2015 à 13h50 a écrit :

      Si tu lis en anglais alors n’hésite pas :)) c’est génial. :)
      Merci pour l’anglais mais bon j’ai quand même mis du temps à l’écrire et une copine l’a relu :)
      Je vais m’en tenir aux billets en français :-)

  3. Tina le 31 mai 2015 à 12h48 a écrit :

    C’est dommage que J’ai Lu (qui a racheté les droits des ces livres) n’aie même pas commencé à nous traduire la série The Exquisite (dont Temptation est le spin-off) ; ça vaut dire qu’il faudra attendre encore longtemps avant de pouvoir lire l’histoire de Logan et Tate en français. :(. C’es assez pénible aussi que la maison d’édition J’ai lu ne donne aucune info concernant la sortie. Bof

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